We asked our network of C-Suite, CEOs, MDs and CMOs are series of questions regarding the challenges and opportunities they faced post C19. Our findings are as follows;.

The Top Key Challenges Marketers Face Post C19.

1. An increasing need to make strategic decisions quickly

2. Budgets that are increasingly coming under pressure (whilst ROI targets increase)

3. A need to be more creative (read – find new innovative ways to do things)

4. Never enough time in the day

5. Market places that are constantly changing resulting in the need for a constant flow of new approached

The Detail;

I feel pressure to make decisions more quickly than I used to;

92% (up from 12.5% only a Q ago) strongly agree that they’re under pressure to make the right decision quicker than ever post C19.

They also cited a pressure to avoid slowing down either their teammates or strategy with sluggish decisions.

My budgets seem to be shrinking;

52% (up from 15.6%) of marketers are strongly agree that their budgets seem to be shrinking – outsourcing and needing to do more with less is therefore a constant pressure.

I feel pressure to be more creative in my role than I used to

In a role that’s increasingly concerned with ‘survive then thrive’ performance marketing, KPIs, and data, finding time and space to foster creativity can seem difficult, even though it’s vital as C19 constantly changes market dynamics.

Senior marketers (C-level and VP) feel this pressure the most acutely, with 61% (up from 26.7% last Q) of those professionals strongly agreeing with the statement.

Unsurprisingly, the top echelons of the industry are the most marred by challenges, with C-level and VP-level marketers over-indexing on all challenges except not having enough time in the day.

I almost never have enough time in the day

No matter how hard we might try, there are only ever 24 hours in a day, and we need to spend some of those hours eating, sleeping and seeing our favourite people. 89% (up from 22.9% last Q) strongly felt that this is a significant challenge.

Female marketers have a harder time fitting their work into the day than their male counterparts, with 98% (up from 77.5% last Q) of females agreeing or strongly agreeing that they almost never have enough time to get their work done, compared to 77% (up from 50% last Q) of men.

Market dynamics are changing rapidly post c19

By far the biggest challenge marketers agreed with was that it’s difficult to keep up with changing market dynamics post c19. Almost all 92% (up from 45.8% last Q) of marketers strongly agreed that trends are changing more quickly than ever before.

Unsurprisingly, CEOs, MDs and CMOs over-index compared to other job roles surveyed. This challenge was the most prevalent across all those working at B2C brands.

Post C19,  it’s more vital than ever for marketers to keep their finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment, and react quickly when they see trends gaining traction in their target markets. It was cited that there simply instant time to undertake in-depth research – rather opportunities had to be taken then and there.

Thoughts Moving Forward

The key to success post C19 will be to plan & manage for both ‘thrive’ (upsurge) and ‘survive’ (downturn) scenarios – these will be a constant theme in the boardroom for the foreseeable future.

*Data in this article is based on a survey run via GREATMINDS® to 600 B2C / B2B GREATMINDS® network members, conducted in early June 2020.

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