Our Founding Partner explains how GreatMinds was formed;

I’ve worked in the marketing communications industry for more years than I care to mention. And have worked at CEO level on both the brand and agency side of the fence, I understand the landscape intimately.

Post selling an agency – I found myself being asked by business consultancy friends to help them engage with the marketing fraternity as they entered the marketing arena (note – Accenture’s objective 10 years ago was to be the No.1 digital agency on the planet – the agency fraternity laughed at the time – how times change!).

These requests for assistance quickly became a fully-fledged company, GreatMinds taking briefs from CMOs, CEOs, MDs across all the key market leader and challenger brand organisations in order to establish their key issues and recommend the best agency partners to them.

Statement Post C19

Little did we envisage as we entered 2020 that 4 months later, C19 would effectively close down great swaths of the global economy.

We noticed immediately that the demand for RIG® (rapid-idea-generation) grew exponentially.

Offering senior management instant online access to the greatest strategic and creative agencies on the planet via RIG® has proved to be a great success (as well as being so much more productive & environmentally friendly – all of a sudden I don’t miss those business trips abroad and they are starting to look extremely inefficient!).

We’ve taken briefs at both ends of the spectrum – brands that are in ‘thrive’ mode (where the pandemic has led to a demand for their products / services – where they are looking for partners / agencies to assist them capitalise on it) and those in ‘survive’ mode (where the pandemic has decimated their existing business models and they are seeking partners to help them think different and forge a new way ahead).

We’re constantly amazed and humbled to see the amount of ingenuity and true grit out there.

As an organisation, we’ll continue to service this unprecedented demand for our services with integrity and flair.

Here’s to a new, better way of doing business – one where growth, innovation and a greener planet go hand-in-hand.

David Hesketh, CEO, GREATMINDS® June 2020


If you’re a brand looking for new amazing agency partners with the skill sets to ensure you stay ahead of the competition, or you’re an agency that would like to discuss your unique skill sets and agency offer – it would be great to hear from you.

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David Hesketh is passionate about bringing people together to achieve great things – and has built a sound network of both brands and agencies to this end.

Having studied for a PhD. in brand strategy and implementation
(he left post the MPhil as he increasingly become frustrated when he found the
business schools full of professional academics and not marketing people!) he’s
a wealth of experience and passion for all things marketing.

When he’s not in a boardroom discussing marketing innovation
and strategy, he can be found in the mountains running!